YRA Community Initiatives

The YRA is responsible for many community initiatives over the past few years.

Infrastructure for our community

Drinking fountainOver the past few years the YRA has successfully applied for several community grants.  In each case YRA was required to match the grant $ for $.  We have used these grants to install a drinking fountain at the Yarralumla shops, two defribillators - one at Yarralumla Primary School and one in Weston Park at the Yarralumla Play Station and four park benches across the suburb.  The park benches can be found at the following locations: one in the pocket part on the corner of Hooker and Novar Street; one in the pocket park on the corner of Banks Street and Solander Place; one at Blue Gum Point and one overlooking Orana Bay.

Pocket park floriade

Community functions

Party at the shops

Group at tables In 2013 for the ACT's 100th birthday parties at the shops were held at a number of locations around Canberra. Yarralumla organised a sit down dinner in the street at the shops. Our original intention was for 200-250 people but in fact we served 450 people at a sit down dinner and had another 40+ people who brought their own picnics.

Band and 100 candle


Picnicers      Tables in the main street


Yarralumla does Christmas

Bubble blowing 2017 1blurredThe YRA hosts an annual picnic and concert event at Weston Park for the Yarralumla community. The event is usually held in early December and features a number activities for families including bubble blowing and face painting.

bubble blowing 2017 2blur 2

Red Bows v3Red Bows for the festive season

A new tradition for Yarralumla started in December 2019, dressing our street trees with red bows during the December-January festive season. 

The YRA dressed the trees at the entrances to Yarralumla and at the shops and in Novar Street.  Our residents did the rest with over 600 of our street trees sporting big red bows for the festive season.

See our Detailed instructions on how to make, tie and store your red bows